♫♪  This Will Destroy You - “Dustism”

There’s no better place in the U.S. for the massive, earth-shaking sounds of post-rock than Texas. The Lone Star State is home to two of the genre’s most enjoyable and unpretentious acts, Explosions In the Sky and This Will Destroy You, the focus of this piece. I was lucky enough to catch the group at their sold out Seattle show this spring, and they knew how to bring the drama with their cascading waves of guitar and drums. In addition to their recent bout of touring, lead guitarist Christopher Royal King put out a stellar solo album under the alias Symbol, and traces of his Online Architecture LP seep into the margins of “Dustism,” the first track off of TWDY’s upcoming record, Another Language, due out September 16th via Suicide Squeeze Records, Hobbledehoy Records, and Holodeck. The track contains the familiar post-rock elements, including delicate guitar interludes and a rising crescendo of a finale; however, the thing that make “Dustism” stick out are the way the group incorporates snippets of Royal King’s gorgeously warped ambient work into different sections. It’s a thrilling track to take in, especially as the summer sun begins to warm things up in my neck of the woods. Stream “Dustism” below and check out TWDY’s Facebook page for pre-order info and tour dates.

• This Will Destroy You: http://twdy.tumblr.com
• Suicide Squeeze Records: http://suicidesqueezerecords.tumblr.com
• Holodeck Records: www.holodeckrecords.com
• Hobbledehoy Records: http://hobbledehoyrecords.com

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