♫♪  Three Legged Race - “Dr. Wrong Element”

I would argue that the ‘experimental artists’ often covered in this section are searching for new outlets to evolve and elevate their sound. Not to insinuate that the search ever halts, but with the modern synthesizer explosion — that we are probably still in the midst of — comes plenty of artists content to ride the fad out without digging too deep. Robert Beatty, performing as Three Legged Race, is not one of the coasters. There are plenty of tickling, familiar tones on his new 12-inch EP, but they decorate and serve a minimal, droning bass thump that’s almost noble in its insistence. I guess it could be described as a new take on proto-techno, but there’s a modern flavor to it all that melds with a definite analog vibe and escapes clear categorization.

Preview the opening track from the Wrong Element 12-inch here:

And watch Beatty’s promotional video here:

• Three Legged Race: http://www.remainsstreet.com
• Acoustic Division: http://acousticdivision.com

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