♫♪  Tinder Olympics - “Nasty”

Tinder Olympics has replaced Cokeahontas for my favorite artist name in the game right now. Still all love for you Cokeahontas, but damn y’all: TINDER OLYMPICS. That’s one of those names you see and drop whatever is going on in your life (Work? Responsibilities? Cuckolding?) …for seven minutes it’s you and TO.

Off a double single NASTY / NO MORE Bandcamp drop, “NASTY” bobs a snow-soft piano line fit for the Vince Guaraldi Trio (who, outside of Mariah Carey, made the only holiday album that bangs) in and out of sputtered Biggie lyrics and kicks. We get to the b-side where “NO MORE” dissolves any form recognized on “NASTY.” A crunchy, bumping sweat a.k.a. what an IRL Tinder Olympics would probably fall into.

• Tinder Olympics: https://soundcloud.com/tinderolympics
• Tinder Olympics: https://tinderolympics.bandcamp.com/releases
• Tinder Olympics: https://www.facebook.com/TINDEROLYMPICS

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