♫♪  Ting Christ - “Stranger Tings”

Trend ignorance is bliss because it makes clarity lonely and culturally insignificant. Like refusing to watch Stranger Things or listen to Views from the 6 until the internet dies down and gets tired of it. Not for any viable reasons or to subject everyone, every up-to-date person around to you the following scene:

a: “I just finished Stranger Things last nigh-“
b: “woah woah woah, David, don’t spoil it I haven’t seen.”
a: “ugh what do you mean you haven’t seen it? it’s so good.”
b: “I just haven’t gotten around to it. I haven’t started a series since X-Files season 10 ended..unless we’re talking about Chef’s Table. I mean that show…yadda yadda

It’s boring but I just finished Stranger Things two days ago and last night at work the only two thoughts I could muster were:

1. So Pinterest is a pinboard for your interests. What about Pinsecurity. A pinboard for your insecurities.
1a. Please someone email me and help me create this.
2. Has someone made a grime track called “Stranger Tings” yet?

Turns out yeah. A dude from the Bronx named Ting Christ did. And I don’t know if it’s the subdued beat or TC’s breathy flow but “Stranger Tings” bangs.

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