♫♪  Todd Lerew - Lithic Fragments [excerpt]

Daggg, sleeper hit! I purchased the Tigerbitch and Sudden Oak cassettes off Brunch Groupe and to this Lithic Fragments came too, and it’s way full of win. I mean, to the naked listener, this sounds like being naked listening to music. But if you listen for awhile, closely or not, you’ll hear bends and wobbles, rhythms forming and disintegrating, and tones that’ve always been and never heard. Lithic Fragments is quite the journey through sound and patience. What’s this? Fucking heat into sound? Also, the tape is in foil, so be careful not to scrape it (like I did) on the inside of your portable. Actually, that’s the only problem I see with Lithic Fragments. Other than that, it made my shelf. One. Long. Steady…

• Brunch Groupe: http://www.brunchgroupe.com

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