♫♪  Tomoki Tamura - “DSC House”

“DSC House” nails everything I expect from a proper B-side. It jams just as hard as the tunes on the flip, sneaks some perplexing sounds into its groove, and does so without wasting much time. Here. Berlin-based house producer Tomoki Tamura shucks his Quiet Air Gun EP of some of its chugging ambience in favor of a tipsy arrhythmia that trades hiccuped chords with a rag-tag band of sampled voices and and a Groan Tube’s residual echo. Tamura’s sense of play reveals itself at its full capacity, splattered with a sonic pallette as diverse as that which, as a kid, you might have stamped, spray painted, and smeared across the digital canvas of Kid Pix Studio Deluxe after completing a typing lesson. On the future-primitive spectrum, “DSC House” is the predominantly futurist answer to the more primal pluckings of Animal Collective’s Sung Tongs.

Grab both sides of the Quiet Air Gun EP on wax here.

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