♫♪  Tongues - Theophagus Wounds of Earth

Before accelerating into the archetypal black metal blast beat, Tongues provide a delectable waltz that has you and your partner counting the 3/4 tempo across the dance floor with delight. A 12 count becomes a motif as the song vacillates between the attributes of the black and death genres. The grainy guitar tone is delectable; it grates yet does not overwhelm, while the bass provides the commensurate mid-range counterweight. This band knows when to settle into the head-nodding half-time groove and when to increase the intensity. Screams of anguish are offset by growls that summon the despondent demons of another realm.

At their most compelling moment, Tongues have the patience to draw out a progressive stop-and-go, increasing it by two beats per repetition. A warped tremolo riff seduces and tantalizes each time, until the counterpart completes the measure with corresponding cacophony. Motifs and calibrated structures give way to chaos at the conclusion. The pattern unravels with a calculated turbulence, crescendoing, until the final punctures resume the initial riff. The fusion of black and death metal is more easily discussed or contemplated. Tongues make it an exultant reality in the extreme.

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