Gotta love Bandcamp. It’s like no information required. Nothing to shape your opinion but the page’s color scheme and maybe a few labels. Take this TONY FERRARI page for example. It’s all neon and capital letters. And who is that guy smoking the cigar? Was the album really released in May of 1986? If so, this could really discredit some of J Dilla’s chopped-and-screwed fame. The whole page kind of just looks like a front for dealing drugs, all “TONY FERRARI HAS GOT THE GOODS, TELL YOUR FRIENDS.” Although, it could just be a disguise-wearing aaronmaxwell, who mysteriously disappeared from the internet a few months ago after releasing two of 2012’s most overlooked 404beatwhatever albums, Dianetics and Island. I mean, the drums and glitched tape-echo stuff on this MIAMI sound really familiar. And all of the vocal samples and tiny tape hiss swells are placed pretty similarly. Also, it’s like six minutes long, and I think both of those aaronmaxwell albums were way short too. Yeah, I think it might be the same dude. Or it could be this guy, but that seems unlikely; or it could be neither, in which case I’ve indirectly given someone else a bunch of credit for all of Mr. Ferrari’s hard work. Sorry about that, dude. Please don’t sic your goons on me. It was an honest mistake!

• TONY FERRARI: http://tonyferrari.bandcamp.com

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