♫♪  Torn Hawk - “Pretend to be a Cop” / “‘96 Galant”

Fuck it, cut the cord. I got a copy of Battle of Los Angeles from my friend in seventh grade. But I was already obsessed with “Guerrilla Radio" because of THPS2. Man, that school skate park is the greatest level in video game history! Turn that shit up. ‘Cause it’s Torn Hawk with a new release via Beer On The Rug called FIST. From Rage’y guitar samples to future-funk frankensteins, Torn Hawk produces elaborate yet concise, familiar yet alien soundage on sample FIST tracks “Pretend to be a Cop” and “‘96 Galant.” You can hear these tracks from the record below, but gotta purchase it to get the full experience. Lights out.

• Torn Hawk: http://tornhawk.com
• Beer On The Rug: http://www.beerontherug.com

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