That money track ($$$) “Wait For a Minute” might be an evil, lux piece that introduces Tyga + Justin Bieber as shadow figure versions of other potential heroes (Timberlake, DJ Mustard). Either way, we all win, and Total Freedom knows this; hence, we have “JUSTIN W CRYPTHAND OR CHEAP TRICK CHRONICLES,” where we can see capitalism sinking into a “dust-zone” (a place where steel drums and “the artisan calypso” help us see the travesty and beauty of our AMERICAN ICONS). The screams of terror (of “NOOOOOOO”) accentuate the love/hatred duality of various pop musics — AND — we are allowed an “ANTI-EXPERIENCE” through this cheap honesty. Also, it’s well tagged as #UNJUST #UNJUST #UNGODLY #UNREMARKABLE #BASICALLYSILENT. I’m sure the track is full of autobiographical content, too. But that content is transcendent IN THAT it’s a pile of filth we’re all stuck in for a bit — some more than others — so get ready to fucking ENJOY it and OWN it, together. A quick, horrifying observation: the track is licensed under “Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0).” I hope that’s a joke!

• Total Freedom: https://soundcloud.com/totalfreedom

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