Tough Fuzz
Vol 2. This Was Not Heartbreak

It’s no secret that I’m a big Tough Fuzz fan. If you browse back a little ways in the Chocolate Grinder archives, you’ll see a number of posts about this dude written by your very own Top Heavy. Most recently, I mentioned the single “LUXRY,” unveiled prior to the full release of Vol 2. This Was Not Heartbreak (the excellent follow-up to August’s Vol. 1). “LUXRY,” with its tough-guy, all-caps title and previously-mentioned Nintendo-training montage sound, is actually about as heavy as Vol. 2 gets. Beginning with the sea-sick feel of a cruise ship lounge on album opener “friend ship,” repeated in later tracks like “soft focus” and “broken beat,” the whole of Vol. 2 is decidedly softer, leaning more toward jazz than the funk-driven Vol. 1.

Check it out and look for the tape from Portland’s Ewe of Now Records this month.

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