“Edgar Cayce”

Coming down from his release on experimental standard-bearing label Night People (owner Shawn “Wet Hair” Reed), Kentucky native Coleman Guyon has offered up this fine selection of tracks available on tape from Portland institution Eggy Records (owner Raf “The Polyps” Speilman) entitled Dream Operator. This song, named after the psychic who is sometimes credited with starting the New Age movement, sort of reminds me of Gary Wilson with its mystical disco arrangement and weird muttered lyrics about “the night” or who knows what. And the slapback echo effects throughout the album (which almost never fail to make something sound cool) combined with push-button beats help to give it a Suicide-meets-Speculator-on-MIDI vibe. Night-driving music. Meanwhile, this bitchin’ offset-printed artwork in fluorescent green and red, which matches the entire Eggy batch, brings it to the next level. Did you say you wanted to watch Coleman eat fried chicken? Okay then.

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