♫♪  ☒ - Travel Agency Online 1995

KLUX 89.5 provided me with “Good Company!” during my first drive around the bay. Maloo sang. Too long ago / Too far apart / Couldn’t wait another day for / The captain of her heart. Good enough to play twice. And again and again. Over and over again. Then again. Posted up on the beach, I bathed in fallout, waiting for half-life to come so I could cash out my retirement fund. Half-life come and he want to go home. So they come around to my chair and stand over my shoulder saying, “Sure, sonny my boy, you can go home…anytime you’d like, just as soon as daylight come. Meanwhile, set like the Sun, and do try to enjoy yourself. Patience, my boy, patience. Couldn’t wait another day for. Hmm-hm. But you can wait another day for, right?

“Right. Because you are a big boy, my big sonny old boy.”

Graceful little notes and redwood wedding mandolin splashed back at even waves, late night foam, industry’s vibrant tiny lights twinkling in the witching hour across the bay. Planes pulled spinning lemon wheels.

The Sun stayed set, so I stayed setting too. I was stuck in “3:38am” with Maloo on loop, Maloo on my mind, Maloo on my lips, Maloo on my tongue, like I had any control at all, stars twinkled, nuclear bombs detonated in distant galaxies. Industry was alive and well.

Again, that feeling.
-Corpus Christi, 3:38, 89.5, 1995

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