♫♪  TREE - “New Or Leins / Training Day” (prod. by Blue Sky Black Death)

In case its title didn’t already clue you in, TREE’s new mixtape, Trap Genius, starts off with the rapper/producer conceding that this release is going to be a trap project, presumably, as opposed to the soultrap sound he’s developed over the past few years. To my ears, the absence of soul samples is only really noticeable for the first few tracks, because before long TREE re-reveals his inner-Chicago bluesman and you remember that the “soul” in soultrap has just as much to do with his voice as it does his beats.

And then this happens…

I don’t know what the fuck that was … but it was fucking beautiful.

• TREE: http://soultraptree.tumblr.com
• Blue Sky Black Death: http://bsbd.bandcamp.com

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