“No Faces” ft. Danny Brown

I’m all about transparency, so hopefully TMT editor-in-chief Mr P won’t mind when I tell you how he reached out to me earlier today with the following: “This kinda seemed up your alley. You interested in covering? If not, no worries. I can throw it in the queue.” To which I replied, “Yeah, wasn’t sure you wanted me to do a 3rd article on him, but I’ll definitely hit that.”

The reason I put this all out there isn’t to illustrate how cool and tight-knit we all are here at TMT, but rather to point out that TREE (every time I write that name out in all caps, it’s meant to be read as he spits the ad-lib) is generating quite the buzz — yes, even here, the land of waves, gazes, and hisscore. And rightfully so. Sunday School II was already shaping up to be one of the best albums of the year (and maybe the the greatest hip-hop sequel since OB4CL2 sparked the trend back in 2009) before this new track shut down the internet. Is it May 15 yet?

(Oh yeah, and some dude named Danny Brown rips it on here too.)

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