♫♪  Triad God - “Babe Dont Go” (Prod. by Palmistry)

Twirling around the room for a bit, smiling at each other and nuzzling, making faces and deep gazes. Gently one lays the smaller of the two down, and the moment is precious, as the one standing does a little bit of a dance, and the other on their back wiggling in ecstasy. The window is cracked. It’s a beautiful skyline in the distance, paired with just crisping leaves and a flock of birds singing their pre-autumn songs. Grabbing for a bottle, the one standing arrives, back to the bed. The father pleads, echoing through the neighborhood.

Check out the new Triad God track “Babe Dont Go” produced by Palmistry. Enjoy below and blare, for sure:

• Triad God: https://soundcloud.com/triadgod
• Palmistry: http://plmstry.com

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