♫♪  Trippie Redd - “Bust Down”

I’m coolin’ it right now at a café mid-afternoon, sipping an overpriced espresso, the kind that comes with a tiny spoon (what’s that for?) and a chilled glass of sparkling water served on a wooden tablet. Kinda feels like the coffeeshop equivalent of flexing with a bottle of Moët. Especially since I’m wearing a breezy linen button down. I feel elegant. A good thing, too, since “elegant” is an apt descriptor for this new Trippie Redd track (“I just bought a new Porsche…”). What can I say, I’m a sucker for low-bpms, rumbling subs, piano loops, poppin’ tom hits, and fluttering hi-hats (shouts out to the godfather of said production). I’m an even bigger sucker for rappers who can flow over the aforementioned beats effortlessly (shouts out to THAT godfather). And whattaya know! I’m posting about a song that has both of those qualities! But hey, I could sit here all day making oblique references to other rappers, different styles, and my current surroundings, but at the end of the day, you just gotta listen to this. There’s no getting around it: it’s catchy af. My favorite part, for what it’s worth, is how Trippie harmonizes his ad-libs. What’s yours???

Stream below via YouTube.

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