♫♪  Tropa Macaca - “Fogo”

“…to be listened at Igreja de São Domingos, in Lisbon. work done over the Kyrie of Grosse Messe c-moll KV 427 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.” - Tropa Macaca

What would a memory sound like if it were mustered up in a reanimated brain for a matter of hours? Would the clarity of a situation be muddy with mildewed nodes or visible in technicolor’d perfection of exactly what happened? Well, good/weird news: Tropa Macaca has figured it out the technology to reanimate a severed head, record it’s thoughts of a specific memory, popped it on SoundCloud, and named it “Fogo.” Interested in the thoughts of a potentially dead person? Scope it out below!

• Tropa Macaca: http://www.tropamacaca.com

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