Dirty Tapes really stays true to that gritty beat-tape “urban” feel, but within their own aesthetic right. Not only does the Brooklyn label drop digital releases like that recent TUAMIE GUEST MIX, but on the reel: shit gets lengthy. Like, Dirty Tapes doesn’t really spin eligible “albums,” but either splits, collections of works, or — something like Tropes’ most recent work — a dual works of one producer. These types of releases define the idea of beat culture to me, as sampling music is hard to get away with as “album” work, considering copy righting their bootlegging. And REMIXES / KARMA’S REEL is complete satisfaction of this. Defined by Dirty Tapes as “essentially two projects,” Tropes really traverses some territory in that escapades REMIXES / KARMA’S REEL like a night out tagging, going to shows, barbecue by moonlight, and dipping the perfect blunt in honey.

Speaking of which, if you’re interested in some late-nite head nodding, Dirty Tapes is fronting another NYC takeover THIS SATURDAY featuring a shit load of all-star beat-head producers. Unfortunately, Tropes won’t be flipping in (although, I’m sure there’ll be plenty of REMIXES / KARMA’S REEL tapes there, unless Dirty already sold out), but scope the flyer below and try telling me this isn’t an itch you’d wanna scratch:

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