♫♪  Tropical Interface - scl

Just when you thought Hydro was dead.

Just when you heard a murmur in Yellowstone, and discovered a small machine that told you that a grizzly with two cubs just took a shit one mile away from where you stand. Be safe out there.

You, sans machete, katana, AK-47, dagger, butter knife, bazooka, Andre the Giant. You, moreover, sans bear spray.

Just when you thought: I need a vacation; I need to go camping.

Or let me finish this day with an hour of rainforest sounds brought to me by my Spotify account.

You, in your room, looking out towards the street bedecked with Xmas lights. (The idea of watching Eyes Wide Shut and drinking a warm winter ale flashes through you.)

Wherein another pathway emerges: Goku on Snake Way.
Wherein, scl takes over, pluriform, multiplex, a braided, overlapping of multiple eco-scapes, asymmetric, off-balance, spastic.

We hear ambience, but also vast stirrings, conjurings, chemicals. We feel symbols, get into beats, find rabbit-holes. We become the rabbit-hole. We become the glitch we want to see.

We hear a way of trying to articulate a meaning unknown to us. Lost in the materiality of that communication, we renew our capacity to understand ourselves, and others.

Thus, by entering this forest, by overwhelming ourselves, we can think through the same process with a different approach. Jodorowsky calls this process psicomagia, psychomagic.

The poetics of the overwhelmed, of the microchip, of the meandering river.

The sound of an interface suggesting a pathway towards a possible departure-point. The departure-point of our own ego-wall.

A current—or a wave—of attention, swarming us. A hole through that ego-wall.

A rabbit-hole.

(& the poetics therein.)

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