True Widow
“HW R”

Powerviolence, Viking Metal, Deathgrind: metalheads sure do love their ultra-specific labels. When it comes to True Widow, however, the only blanket term that’s safe to use is “heavy.” Haunting melodies and thick, bristling guitars fill in every last cubic inch of sonic space, pressurizing the creepy dirge-pop of bands like Low down to a more rugged, rabid incarnation. Featuring some silken male-female vocals and a steadily-unfurling main riff, “HW R” hits its sulky stride early on, with a hypnotic groove that provides an easy explanation as to why fans have taken to describing the Dallas band as purveyors of “stonergaze.” True Widow’s not about to start any moshpits, but then again, they don’t exactly need to. Songs this rich don’t get the chance to sink in when you’re shoving people around.

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