♫♪  Tu Fawning - “The Felt Sense”

Tu Fawning, featuring Portland’s Corrina Repp and Joe Haege, are releasing their debut full-length, Hearts On Hold, on October 5 through their own Provenance Records. Why their own record label? According to the band:

We have all seen enough to know that many artists sacrifice creative control, even in small ways, upon deciding to work with a 3rd party. Hell, they (record labels) used to decide what song you’d play, who’d you play with and when you’d release it…and then they might not pay you! While it may not be that bad anymore, at least on the independent label level, you are still a commodity. Art will always take a backseat to the notion of moving units. But what happens when you are driving the car and you invite art to the front seat?

Buckle up, readers.

• Tu Fawning: http://www.tufawning.com

[Photo: Alicia Rose]

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