♫♪  The Tuesday Night Machines - Hawaiian Yurt Music

We lay it back, absolutely no worries when it comes to the Aloha State. The surf rolls in, and we feel it, on the beach at night, the sound of the island all around us. The wind blows through the palms, and the sand seeps between our toes as we stroll in the moonlight. We drink from coconuts. We eat nothing but fish and fruit.

This is yurt life.

The Tuesday Night Machines want you to experience yurt life wherever you are, wherever you may go. Not everybody gets the chance to visit the Hawaiian Islands (yours truly included), so the Hawaiian Islands are just going to have to come to us. Thank Kanaloa for the Korg Gadget iOS app! This is the software utilized by the TNM to string together sound samples “recorded locally with an iPhone microphone,” which are then presented in mellow-buzz electronic format for maximum sea breeze pleasure. You’d never know that the TNM are from Cologne, Germany.

Thus Hawaiian Yurt Music becomes your soundtrack for the hammock, the piña colada, the rhythms of ukulele-led dancing, the dodging of angry tiki gods through sudden downpours. No, wait, that’s not relaxing! Running from deities is the opposite of that. Man, I’ve got to update my Hawaiian cultural knowledge beyond Brady Bunch episodes.

And this crazy packaging: white C20 housed in a burlap O-card. Bound with red string. Strategic Tape Reserve strikes again.

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