♫♪  Tyler Holmes - Devil

Duality of being, rhythmic dissonance; the decision of indecision. Pine trees scrape the sky, line roads dizzy, double back, lead to amber sunsets over dusty horizons. Run breathless between landscapes, never sure where to stop, neither quite certain enough to be home. Run through memory, sun-bleached and too bright. This time, do not shield your eyes from them; why is it that the sunlight makes you feel too exposed? A lifetime of praying for the safety of shadows, gone unanswered, but not fallen upon deaf ears. Some landscapes are not meant to change; a home can only belong if you let it.

Find solace in fading seasons, let fall pass into winter, turn to spring, become summer again; they hold their magic only because they end. Gentle rains, a blessing, only so long as they are ephemeral. Understanding gives way to acceptance through loss, circles back and gives again. Photographs line the walls; hold memories, hold promises, hold hopes changed, hold, at last, home. Home is not what you make it; home is what makes you. Make peace with what, and where you are. Build a house within it, you are home.

Like time, acceptance too passes in little deaths. Mourn for them only to move forward, as you are, where you are, as you are meant.

Listen to Devil by Tyler Holmes on Ratskin Records  below:

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