♫♪  ᏉᎥᏒᏆuᎪᏞ fᏞᎪᏁᏁᎬᏞ - “Trippin’ Off Some Shit”

In the unbearable heat of Regina, Saskatchewan thrives the most sun-warped beats your distorted ears have ever popped off. Maybe. But fellow North American’err ᏉᎥᏒᏆuᎪᏞ fᏞᎪᏁᏁᎬᏞ (Chris Bridge) is just sweating to continue bringing your brain that hazy highway road mirage via cassette tapes. Actually, fucking — he done did DEUCE tapes this year, and DEUCE digital releases. Errp, ALL FOUR digital, two are cassettes. And check it, straight indie cred goes to the fella for pimping it entirely by himself (label-wise). But he’s on the hunt, and peeps better be on the look out for tapes being sent @CultureDealer, @WigFlip, @Words+Dreams, @WTRCLR, @Leaving.

“Trippin’ Off Some Shit” is from his latest installment We Flyin’, so pretty much all his track names are release-title related. Bringing it back for that NEW CRITICISM-style approach of existing art within itself. ᏉᎥᏒᏆuᎪᏞ fᏞᎪᏁᏁᎬᏞ is just soaring in We Flyin’ on the reel reel. Or get file nasty/wet with it, and scrill up $1 for a digital DL. Click play on dem speakers and fade out, kiddddddddddddd.

• ᏉᎥᏒᏆuᎪᏞ fᏞᎪᏁᏁᎬᏞ: http://virtualflannel.bandcamp.com

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