♫♪  umicow - “VR Error”

French art and sound label Hàltràny Industries operates out of Caen, in the Northwest, near the sea. Since launching in late 2016, they’ve stuck to a motley roster of metal, noise, new vapor, ambient, techno, etcetera, and all kinds of other electronic in betweens.

The album cover for one of my favorite releases so far, seaketa’s imium, shows a quaint roof-scape that could have been pulled from an ancient golden tapestry. Another, umicow’s Oyasuminasai EP, has the artist’s signature cow icon soaking in sun rays underwater. From smoking chimney to poisoned pasture to country pond to overloaded hard drive, Hàltràny will not sit still. And I like that.

Their first compilation, HTRNY VOL​.​1, was released earlier this month and opens with umicow’s “VR Error.” A wonky pulse, a fisheye lens, her voice hums, mumbles, flaps through and through—

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