♫♪  Unearth Noise - “This could be the future”

In the 80s, an anonymous source cried “conspiracy” in the back pages of an unpublished magazine. Then, they made some TV about it and the conspiracy went mainstream. Now they relate everything to the conspiracy; everything is legitimate, nothing is legitimate. Something hiding underground behind a lurking shadow…

Well, breaking news folks, because I’m here to tell you today that that anonymous source was right. The truth is wilder than your wildest dreams. They do walk among us, hiding behind things, casting strange long-nailed shadows, walking their three-headed dog along the river banks of the underworld.

Maybe you thought what you heard was a wild dog, off in the distant night, giving off an alien cry of joy, lost in musical trance, lost in the high end of bronze cast resonance, breathing elemental breath into curved and crooked pipes, sweeping its alien paws across a home organ even the Phantom of the Opera wouldn’t touch, plugging sitar strings into electrical sockets, turning our music into something else. Relatable enough, for sure, but something else, certainly. Need proof?

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