♫♪  Unguent - Simulation of a Bat Engulged in Acid (excerpt)

MEMO: RE: “simulation of a bat engulfed in acid”: Tried folding in something different, but Simulation of a Bat Engulfed in Acid clearest. Tried “24 amplexus glass customs” and “ingest supplement at bowler planner.” Plugged in “blubber manoeuvre in the dark” and “Clumper in the Charcoal Quadrant” and “A Rip in the liberty britches” but input yielded no return. Tried “now reserva exo-lodge Chiropractic Oak” “the Spinal Cord at Midnight” “Meet my Vitreous” and “waking up with The Drac.” Even tried “yacht bat” “pons bat” and “motor bat”. Still, Simulation of a Bat Engulfed in Acid apt. proceed..

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