♫♪  Unscented DJ and DJ Voices - DJ Voices and Unscented DJ play the Durutti Column (the Lot Radio)

I started listening to music very late and missed that big chunk of educational time in high school and my early twenties when I should have been listening things like the Durutti Column openly and obsessively.

They’ve been a name swirling around my mind for a while now and eternal blessings to DJ Voices and Unscented DJ (a.k.a. Kristin Malossi and Brandon Wilner) for putting together this very generous two-hour show for the Lot Radio. For me, it’s a primer. For those more familiar, I imagine it will be a springboard to revisit a special set of memories.

Personal highlights from my first few listens include “I Get Along Without You Very Well (feat. Lindsay Wilson)” from their 1983 7-inch I Get Along Without You Very Well / Prayer and “For Suzanne” from 1996’s Fidelity. Click through the audio player to see the full track list and otherwise close your lips around this very sweet treat:

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