♫♪  Upgrayedd Smurphy - #PENINSULA

Broadcasting direct from Mexico City, Jessica “Upgrayedd” Smurphy is back with #PENINSULA, another raw slab of head-tickling beats and rhythms that should do just the trick for anyone who’s grown a little distant from their body lately. Whereas many of Smurphy’s previous releases have staked themselves on disorienting wire-crossing and razor-edged deconstruction, this one is all about the club, its hypnotic bass and incisive hooks pounding away as if our very lives depended on it. Between all the heart-rate-accelerating synth stabs and the brief flashes of birdsong peeping through the bushes, #PENINSULA is a mad-dash jungle mix, a rustling in the trees to serve as a reminder that there’s always a reason to keep moving.

#PENINSULA is out now via Smurphy’s r-ch-v label. Hear its fearsome pulse below.

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