♫♪  Vacation Dad - L I V I N

Every detail surrounding Vacation Dad’s new album, L I V I N, fits together perfectly. First of all, the album is called L I V I N, and it sounds like a live recording of a dance party on a Caribbean cruise. He even dropped the “G” in “LIVING,” because when you are relaxing this hard, who has time to be all uptight about spelling and pronunciation? Secondly, the album is accompanied by a 46-page photo album full of pictures from the last two years of Vacation Dad’s nearly non-stop touring around the world. And lastly, this band is called Vacation Dad. I mean I don’t know if this dude is a dad or not (probably not considering all of the touring), but I imagine there are already a hundred bands named Vacation, and even my dad relaxes pretty hard when he is on vacation.

Listen to it below, and soundtrack your holiday vacation by buying the whole package over at MJMJ Records. Let the relaxin’ begin.

• Vacation Dad: http://vacationdad.bandcamp.com
• MJMJ Records: http://mjmjrecords.bandcamp.com

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