♫♪  Valet - “nature”

No better way to awake on Monday and realize there’s another Valet album on the way. And as a solid example of her 2015 sound, “nature” — the title track of the new LP on Kranky Records — resonates these Monday morning mists into about 65 degrees of barely warm, but nothing a cup of Joe and a nice spring sweater couldn’t fix. Straight steady drumming that paces itself around ethereal lyrics swelling a strumming and prayer bowl vibrating sounds that turn out to be vocals. But this baseline is where the heart is at, pumping blood throughout crashing symbols and climactic emotional arches in the most subtle ways. “nature” almost feels all naturally blended, had these sounds actually just been found while standing in an echoing alley. Them summer mornings are just around the corner. And so is Valet’s newest LP nature on Kranky Records, coming May 25. It’s a little less acid than her previous endeavors, but equally soft-hitting. Listen to “nature” below and breeze outta the office for most of today:

• Kranky Records: http://www.kranky.net

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