♫♪  Various Artists: 38 - Compilation 1

Compilation 1 on NYC’s 38 is submersive with compellingly similar atmospheres:

1. C.F.G. - “Never Stop” if this track were put on repeat, one would develop and die from a crushing existential crisis.

2. Nathan Phillips - “Feet in the Flames” is much more timid, but grows in a flourishing, unique anticipation of synthetics.

3. The Life - “I Wanted To Tell You” blends the sci-fi of vocal effects with a drift that dunes a tombstone of sand.

4. Alice Cohen - “Patterns” the modern avant-pop with a straight-forward conceptual sun-gaze summer tune, contradiction is the irony in.

5. Mankind - ” Tread Water” iron on your favorite band who did that riff into the parallels of time and space, cracking fragments of

6. Uxvie - “After Beauty” here comes the waterworks to dive right in a platform of jelly, sucking your way out a crystalline time to escape.

7. Fantasy League - “Flown (Fantasy Version)” presents the long stretch.

8. Dashael - “Ground Swell” this is where the paranoia sinks in, and everything appears as far away as it is magnified, so we’re all slightly bugging out, but it’s just me in this room, then I ask, “Who’s y’all in here?”

9. Tony Rainwater - “Trance Breaker” like nitroglycerin emoji.

10. J. Albert - “aiwtdipms” trapped upon the raft along an echoing sea that yells back for help and no hunger or sunburn or dehydration, just eternity.

11. Tranquility Archive - “Moon Canyon” snow-boarding into a cave that only gusts through your broken legs in chilling spirals that hallucinate your on funeral before being pulled out and witnessing death.

12. kj - “drypoint” it’s that point you look at while stretching to keep your balance on one foot while yawning the excess energy throughout your chi of flow, so breathe and

13. Bruce Smear - “Ozone Pulses (Digital Bonus)” just boggles my mind that it’s even on something like this.. so never fight it: FEEL ITTt!

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