♫♪  Various Artists: Already Dead Tapes and Records - Already Dead VIII

Like a rancid swell of the rank tide against garbage beach, leaving a shoreful of festering fish in its wake, it’s anniversary time again. Anniversary time … that unfunny moment when you realize you’ve sat on your couch longer than you’ve thought about the proper gift for the person you’re celebrating with. Look at you, moldering there with pizza stains on your shirt, eyes glazed, smelling of garbage beach and the rank tide. Your head nods in quivering stupidity, a lolling gourd rotting from the inside out. When did you last shave? No wonder your partner’s gone out for Chinese and left you here on your own.

But no one’s breaking up here.

Not even a little bit, no matter how smelly we become, how much our bodies bloat, how much hair we lose. Our toenails grow through our shoes, we don’t wash our sheets. Our lawn is weeds. But still we stick it out, even though our armpits crust over with old sweat and our refrigerators house undiscovered mold habitats. Since 2009 we’ve curdled vacuously in proximity to one another, unflinching morons barreling toward demise without realizing it, or particularly caring. We remain great flabby bags of flesh and guts, blood sloshing through our veins.

But we’re still here. Me and you, Already Dead Tapes and Records. Me and you.

After all, lookit what you got me:

1. Chris Brokaw “August 1”
2. Spanyurd “Tanned”
3. Caribbean Health “YUD 4”
4. Audible XXY “Digress”
5. Daniel Francis Doyle “I’m in a Race to Find Someone New Before You Do (Live in Athens)”
6. The Hell Hole Store “Already Dead Again”
7. Nighttime “Summer 2008”
8. Dane Rousay “In Love With the Internet”
9. Period Bomb “Hot Stuff”
10. Obody “In the Distance”
11. Victoria Blade “You Are Loved”
12. Roland Mosseury “Remnant”
13. Bill Tucker “Untitled”
14. Imbue “Coronal Mass Ejection”
15. Storm Ross “Aquagold Epilogue”
16. M/MNC “F-ML”
17. Michael Potter “Song 3 (Live at Go Bar)”
18. Josh Miller “AINPT2”
19. Dead Man’s Lifestyle “Suzhou pt. 1”
20. Forget the Times “Untitled”

Already Dead VIII, huh? It’s been that long … feels like longer. I didn’t get you anything yet — I’ll probably go to Costco tomorrow if I have some energy. No promises though.

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