♫♪  Various Artists: Death Is Not The End - If I Had a Pair of Wings Volumes 1 & 2


outta 5

Styles: Jamaica is the second largest producer of vinyl records, but because of the salt water and humidity, a lot of these precious songs are on a rotation of “gone-and-lost”

Others: Alton & Eddie, Jiving Juniors, The Echoes Celestials, Jimmy Cliff, Keith & Enid, The Downbeats, Chuck & Dobby, The Mellowlarks, Horthens & Stranger, Dobby Dobson, The Charmers, The Blues Busters, Owen & Millie, Laurel Aitken, Lloyd Clark Smithie’s Sextet, Prince Buster & The Charmers, The Rhythm Aces & The Caribs, Jiving Juniors, Wilfred Jackie Edwards, The Magic Notes, Rupert Edwards, The Moonlighters, Higgs & Wilson

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