♫♪  Various Artists: Ewe of Now Recordings - Family Album

“This is not a new allegiance to the West Coast.” Besides, when did Portland start getting lumped into the “West Coast”? It’s more like Northern Draw. Rainwater, not ocean water, kissing the hi-hat and dampening the snare. Makes me wish I never left. *Big Sigh… But, ya get over it. It’s just — I get to flipping through these web pages like photographs in an old FAMILY ALBUM and I start getting kinda SAD. ‘Specially around this time of year. I miss the Studenets in my old Rap Class. Blowing AK-47 smoke along the waterfront and then going to work, vibrating Tough Fuzz through the tabs on PBR tallboys as the downtown drunks prove it. Flickin’ quarter tips into the jar. Giving the leftover pizza to the street kids and their dogs at the end of the night, ‘cuz we’re all poor. How long has it been since we said goodbye? Too long? WORD.

Nowadays, I just drown my landlocked sorrow in magnetic tape, and five bones ain’t bad for 74 whole minutes of “remember when?”

• Ewe of Now Recordings: https://eweofnowrecordings.bandcamp.com

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