There’s nothing like being the dog in a conversation between two humans and you. Whether the conversation is about you, or just involving you as a third-party, you’re a dog. You’ve no context of what is happening here. Creating “thought” is inherently not natural for you. Is this actually a form of animal cruelty? Tell me: how do you roll up on the VARIOUS ARTISTS of HORRIBLE IMAGES PRESENTS: CURSED LOVE? Maybe in the morning, I think. Shit, and a lot of this PINKBOX TELEPORT sounds similar in a dusted-off bummer kind of vibe. It’s a vibe that hasn’t existed this well digitally (no matter how much the label claims all this work was from years ago). Maybe some of it. Oof, but it’s too twisted to have kept it. Turn off the lights. Find a dark corner of the room. Click play below and open your mind:

Chocolate Grinder

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