♫♪  Various Artists: L.I.E.S. Records - No Payments Rejected

Even as a child: scouring broke-down strip malls. As a gamer: searching every nook and cranny of Fallout 2. Now an adult: trying as hard as I can to revert all forms of white privilege in my psyche. There was never a moment in time I felt comfortable or “at home” while living on Long Island. I’ve always been someone with a shit load of energy that needs to continue gorging myself with [everything]. Glad that L.I.E.S. Records is literally the best label to exert late-nite feels in this CITY. Exercise:

Cienfuegos — “Social Dysmorphia”

Pure Matrix — “Choker”

Enrique & S. English — “Ribbed Ramp”

Nick Klein — “Drive Through The Rainbow”

Cienfuegos — “Divine Sister”

Enrique — “Slump”

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