♫♪  Various Artists - 美しい (Utsukushii) I / 美しい (Utsukushii) II

Around Christmas of last year, Wasabi Tapes released their massive double compiliation, 美しい (Utsukushii) I and 美しい (Utsukushii) II. Truly, it was gift to us all, and all a good night. What I mean is it was a good night. You know, after you listened to it, you had a good night. All of us did actually. We all had a good night. Or whatever.

Since it’s nativity, this double whopper of a comp has sat patiently in my TMT queue, glistening with placenta and a new-life glow, staring at me with its sweet, infantile face, and mocking my every move. “Go ahead,” it seemed to say. “Try and do me justice. I dare you. In fact, I double-dog dare you. I bet you can’t. I bet you’ll sell me short, Bort!” And I’d scream with anguish as I closed the post for the umptenth time, only to see it sit docile and unaltered once again in my queue. With tears in my eyes and snot draining out of my nose, I tried in continual vain, night after night, to describe the glossy, alien contents of 美しい (Utsukushii) I and 美しい (Utsukushii) II. Nothing seemed to hold up. Eventually, every last word was deleted.

But then I said fuck all that nonsense, and decided to bring you straight facts. On both 美しい (Utsukushii) I and 美しい (Utsukushii) II, a whole mess of TMT favorites show up (Tlaotlon, Bataille Solaire, LORD Ø, /f, Ssaliva, Nick James, So So In Luv, Yusaku Arai, Sharp Veins, Brood Ma, Chookiessss, Malibu, and of course Wasabi Tapes label-head DJWWWW) in between a bevy of unknown but definitely-to-be-fucked-with peeps. And while sonically descriptive words still escape me, to be sure, this is a double post for the Neofuturist in all of us. Shit, this one’s for anyone and everyone, regardless of taste, inclination, or preference. Enjoy!

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