Various Artists: Night People
Spent Minds [compliation]


Whoever doesn’t keep up with the Night People homepage usually misses out on compilations like Spent Minds, with tapes being bought up like WHOA. Label owner Shawn Reed is always pimping the freshest musics such as Blanche Blanche Blanche, Femminielli, Blonde God, Outside World, Fancy Books, Lazy Magnet, etc. OMG, and this Happy Jawbone Family Band is the NAZZZTY. That Scott and Charlenes Wedding LP split. Reppin’ the Gem Jones. And of course Ry-Ry “der” Garbes. Also, fucking, huge October sale: “Buy 4 tapes get 1 Free, or buy 6 tapes get 2 Free to anywhere in the world.” And three LPs on the “soon” and “later” horizons from Featureless Ghost, Goldendust, and Merchandise. Flagrancy is a stinky cologne.

Check out the compilation HERE, then the website, and then your physical releases and to the future!

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