♫♪  Various Artists: Noumenal Loom - Compilation 1

Bort takes care of my cat at my place when I travel. She doesn’t like the car and always throws up in my backseat when I try and take her over to the ‘rents. Nice’a him to look after the apartment for me. I was busy watching dolphins, swimming in the Atlantic Ocean, and trying to discern the origins of the American Identity. When I got back, dude had consumed all of my beer, eaten all of my pasta, and opened the package I received from Noumenal Loom. I can’t blame him, really. Have you checked out the Loom? Then you should check out this recently released comp from them. Really pretty stuff all weaved (!) together into a thick tapestry (!) of Nu Age meanderings and threads (!) of folk wanderings. Bort was more about that Giant Claw album and Seth Graham tape though. I found beard hair on my record player and toothpaste on the tape player in my bathroom. At least he remembered to water my plant.

Download the whole thing for whatever price you see fit over at the Noumenal Loom Bandcamp page.

• Noumenal Loom: http://noumenalloom.com

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