♫♪  Various Artists: Oxtail Recordings - Together

On the weekend of August 11-12, 2017, white supremacists gathered at a “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

I literally cannot believe I have to type words like this.

In the ensuing violence (because where white supremacists go, so goes violence, right?), artist Tyler Magill (a.k.a. Grand Banks, a.k.a. Carry) — who was protesting the hell out of that rally — was “assaulted by torch-wielding fascists” and subsequently suffered a stroke.

I mean goddammit. I’m still typing apparently.

Tyler is recovering, I’m happy to report, and still making music. Oxtail Recordings, who has released Magill’s work in the past, wasn’t about to take this nonsense sitting down. Label head Mike Nigro has solicited 28 of his closest friends and favorite artists, from Luciernaga to Rhucle, from Maharadja Sweets to Nigro (himself), to submit tracks for Together, a 2xCS compilation whose proceeds will go to Tyler’s medical fund (because healthcare is a minefield at best) and Showing Up for Racial Justice Charlottesville (because c’mon people, racial justice!).

We cannot allow white supremacists, neo-Nazis, or any other hate group to have a platform to spread their poisonous ideals.

Still typing.

So, if I haven’t convinced you already, here are three simple, good reasons to buy this tape when it comes out on February 23:

1. The money you pay for it goes toward helping someone who stood up to hate.
2. It also goes toward an organization that continues to stand up to hate.
3. The music is damn good. Take it from me, a music writer.

Stream a couple tunes now and check the full tracklist below.

And never, NEVER become complacent when it comes to hate. Ever.

Full tracklist:

01. Sugarlift - A12_defendremix
02. Sophie Lam + Hellyn Teng - Aodh (Live from August 2017)
03. Harmon H. - Blue Tet
04. Luciernaga - You Were There
05. Outer Heaven - Sgarlata
06. Rhucle - Drowse
07. Wwwater - Nightmare (Demo)
08. Low Wave - Nothing to See Here
09. Sam Hatzaras x Manta - Untitled 1
10. MrDougDoug - Cochlea Jam Sink 56 ft. Siri
11. Ross Fish - Gershon
12. Ellen O - Interlude
13. Andreas Brandal - Soft Doctrine
14. Voice of Saturn - Dripspace
15. Winterweeds - used w.o. permission
16. Glass Frog - Fiona Bolivia
17. Kyle Landstra - Pastoral Environment 1
18. Leaaves - Mill’s and Kant’s Theories of Value
19. John Lindaman - Peripheral Heart Activity
20. Long Distance Poison - Sangha Lingua (Live at Silent Barn)
21. Matthew D. Gantt - Elegy
22. Rambutan - Emergent Realities
23. Tanson - Aya
24. Channeling - Anabatic
25. Mike Nigro - Live at Low Records 7/28/2017
26. Hex Breaker Quartet - Respect for Life Books and Things
27. Grand Banks - Mississippi River Flood Map, 1927
28. Maharadja Sweets - Infinite Potential

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