♫♪  Various Artists: Relapse Records - “Relapse Sampler 2013”

With the release of their hefty 26-track sampler, the kind folks at grand poo-bah metal label Relapse Records have established themselves, yet again, as the good-guy Gregs of heavy music. Featuring the likes of Baroness, Toxic Holocaust [Editor’s note: WHAAAAAT? YES!!!!], Windhand, Black Tusk… among many others, the ~FREE~ sampler presents listeners with a healthy variety of subgenera. From the snarling stoner rock of Red Fang to the hulking atmospheric soundscapes of Inter Arma, there’s something for everyone — unless you’re an a cappella fan, in which case I’d have to suggest you hit up YouTube instead. C’mon guys, you’ve got more than two hours of riffs from two dozen bands. So dim the lights, break out the pumpkin ale, and enjoy getting in touch with your aggro side.

• Relapse Records: http://www.relapse.com

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