♫♪  Various Artists - Styles for Relaxation

Stretch out with the New Information-backed mixtape/compilation entitled, Styles for Relaxation. Mastered by Joel Shanahan, Styles for Relaxation — which “was not designed to promote a brand or represent any sort of scene or movement. It is released without a label and exists solely for fun and mood-inspiration” — garners TMT favorite artists Body-san, RAMZI, Moon B, 555, Soul Ipsum, Cherushii, Golden Donna, Ruf Dug, and many more! Within these two-hours of reel, listeners fracture imagination of ambient-house that untensify muscles like a warm bath in a neon spa that’s only lit by disco balls reflecting off walls and ceilings of mirrors in an infinite mirage of diamond-stream beams of light. Steam room strobe lights that fire the lax vibes into a health sweat of dance, eventually just flopping until complete bliss. Styles for Relaxation vibrating the tile throughout into a massage of architecture. Grip it on double cassette via New Information NOW!

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