♫♪  Various Artists - Suspicion of Doubt

True to their name, Czech industrial label/collective Wrong is a bit…off. Maladjusted. Worn and ground. All in the best of ways however. Their newest collective release, Suspicion of Doubt doesn’t lack a hopeless edge (maybe just a fine edge). Seeped in errant hydraulic fluid, heat of the gears gnashing their teeth, rolling in each track one after another. At its smoothest, “Evo Je” by Umbra is greased up, dark, and haunted steel abrasively tickling your spine. “The End is Near” (Superskin) is a bit more close to the wheels falling off, uneasiness as the belts fray and fly loose. It doesn’t get much smoother from there for Wrong.

All these collapsed assemblies, frayed and flayed arrangements, utterly cool to the ear don’t need much more in the way of welding. They all fit together nicely as is, smashed and entirely industrial to the core.

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