♫♪  Vatican Shadow - Media in the Service of Terror

Start your fashion-design career inspired by photos of SWAT police. Now, go vote for someone who might lose and await the next phase of America. Like, loving someone promising to save us all, while speeding away in their get-away vehicle. All truths upon a burning pile of iron crosses melting into a giant iron cross. Modern warfare never fits a righteous bill of death.

Resignation letters stemming into more resignation letters, and then that rattle teases us all at the end of a tunnel. Never much light anymore since the third-shift struck and mind-set is dialed on numb. Not like we really “work” these-days anyway. Sort of how people heal. Nothing ever succumbs to. I ain’t ever learn’t a different language than.

Get off the grid. Exist as physical. The Bourne Identity came out in 2002. Who cares how old I am? Come and find me. This is a pensive air we breathe, Media in the Service of Terror. Vatican Shadow continues to loom along in the battle field. We’re all here. If you’re feeling SPECIAL EDITION, it’s over here, still (!!!!!!!!!!!!). Move yourself!

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