♫♪  Vehicle Blues - “Luke Song”

After releasing the excellent Letter Writer tape on Pretty All Right Records earlier this year, Lillerne Tapes founder and Vehicle Blues guitar whisperer Gabe Holocombe is right back to it with “Luke Song” from his upcoming 7-inch (and vinyl debut) on Lake Paradise Records. Steeped in those summer-break-paced, shoegaze strums and the familiar got-nowhere-to-be vocal wisps, the track at first seemed like a cover of the Kraft Macaroni & Cheese classic jingle “I’ve Got the Blues” (I thought the lyrics were “Mommy’s got the night off, Daddy’s running the show/ You want to keep me happy, here’s what you got to know/ I want the blues, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese/ The Vehicle Blues/ If Daddy wants to please me, he’s only got to cheese me/ I’ve got the blues”), but no: “Luke Song” is actually a Vehicle Blues original. I’s just misinterpreting the lyrics through all the haze. Sorry ya’ll. You know how it goes: once you’ve heard the lyrics your way, it’s always so difficult to unhear them, innit?

The “Luke Song” 7-inch is out June 10 on Chicago’s Lake Paradise Records. Pre-orders are open now and highly recommended, as only 200 of these gems were pressed. I’ve got the blues! Do you?

• Vehicle Blues: https://soundcloud.com/vehicleblues
• Lake Paradise Records: http://www.lakeparadiserecords.com
• Kraft Foods: http://www.kraftrecipes.com

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