♫♪  Vektroid - “Motions Feel (Edit)”

Back in November 2010, Vektroid’s debut EP Telnet Erotika launched the now partially-erased catalog of the then new PrismCorp, plus a thousand ships. While many of the producers and associated Corps that emerged in the wake have now faded back into the hazes and cubicles from which they came, Vektroid’s been keeping their Dream Live next to a simmering pot of ever-reducing, steadily thickening, fortuitously futureless Memory.

The latest to emerge from the heavily-rendered goo is a lengthy digital reissue of Telnet Erotika, titled Telnet Complete. This edit of Erotika’s opening track, “Motions Feel,” is a little braoder, a little warmer, a soft pink sunset sliding over your sweaty lip and soft cheek. Hear it and more, new and old, over at Vektroid’s Bandcamp.

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