♫♪  Vic Bang - Blop

Argentinian musician Vic Bang played MUTEK this year alongside Beatrice Dillion and Andrea Paz and is now sharing space with Orange Milk and Sun Ark affiliate Aylu on the latter’s own ABYSS label.

Bang’s onomatopoeically titled album Blop presents minimalist, very intentionally curated, and meticulously arranged conglomerations of bloopy rhythms and giddy, very synthy sounds that will delight fans of 食品まつり a.k.a foodman, Toiret Status, woopheadclrms, AGF, Kate NV, and other synthetic plunderphones who know how to get our brains bopping and buzzing at a frequency that perhaps can’t even be contained, yet, under any name.

The language has no word for it. Language is what childhood is for. Childhood is where I feel like I could be when listening through. Developing and rearranging. My genes jumping off of diving boards into pools made of goo. New words learned, like in “Come, Come, Come”, cycling through my head, reconfiguring me as they do.

Tonal bits flung out and sticky as those jelly hands played with endlessly in days past. Others flipped and twisted elaborately like yo-yos. Slinky rainbows. It’s crisp, it’s overwhelming, like a ripe apple. A still novel and searching form of unadulterated play and understanding.

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