♫♪  Victor Portsmouth - “Instruments to Detect”

Beau Devereaux has had a very productive year. In addition to releasing a very dope tape on Sacred Phases (under the Samantha Glass moniker), Beau also just issued a cassette as Roan Linden, via his own Golden Cloud Tapes imprint. If that isn’t enough Beau for ya, then check out this stream of a self-released, limited run tape that came out earlier this year under the name Victor Portsmouth.

Instruments to Detect is a half-hour of harsh, dark, and very raw noise that sets itself apart from anything else Beau has released. It took a few weeks after first hearing the tape before I came back to it, but it is engaging in its intensity, and all the talent and effort that Beau brings to his other projects is on full display here. Throw on some headphones, ignore your work e-mails, and dig deep into this one.

• Beau Devereaux/Golden Cloud Tapes: http://goldencloudtapes.com

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